Huntington Beach Central Library

OCCGS Library Staff

Librarian: Betty Zuliani
Co-Librarian: Phyllis Nordstrom

Contact Phyllis Nordstrom for questions or comments regarding the Genealogy Collection.

Book Selection Committee
Chair: Betty Zuliani
Betty Currie, Pat DeCou, Arlene Hamilton, Lois Heidner, Barbara Miles, Phyllis Nordstrom, Dottie Reed

Shelf Readers
Betty Currie, Arlene Hamilton, Lois Heidner, Barbara Miles, Pegge Stevens, Mary Yearwood

Catalog Committee
Pat DeCou (Periodicals), Jan Mathis, Phyllis Nordstrom, Thelma Pooler, Betty Zuliani

Binding Committee
Chair: Chuck Leech
Jane Sulatycki, Cathy Whitney

Mending Committee
Chair: Bobbie Purdue
Karen Garman

Pamphlet File
Dottie Reed

Map Collection
Chuck Leech

Book and Periodical Purchaser
Betty Zuliani

Periodical Committee
Chair: Betty Zuliani
Barbara Miles

Library Tours and Aides Scheduler
Joan Rambo

Library Aides
Jo Ann Beale, Peggy Blizzard, Pat Borden, Sharyn Brackett, Patrick Burke, Edna Cardinal, Katherine Craft, Muriel Fitzsimmons, Lois Heidner, Sandra Hollandsworth, Chuck Leech, Bill MacVicar, Jim Mansfield, Joan McCauley, Cheryl Neuenschwander, Joan Nourani, Diana Parker, Bobbie Purdue, Joan Rambo, Dottie Reed, Bob Riffenburgh, Susan Roe, Joyce Scott, Linda Serna, Carol Tackett

Book Faire
Bo Bolton, Patrick Burke, Betty Currie, Pat DeCou, Bobbie Frost, Karen Garman, Arlene Hamilton, Lois Heidner, Jerry Hereford, Chuck Leech, Jan Mathis, Barbara Miles, Orleata Moore, George Morrison, Phyllis Nordstrom, Thelma Pooler, Bobbie Purdue, Dottie Reed, Bob Riffenburgh, Charles Schug, Pegge Stevens, Danny Thomas, Bob Williams, Mary Yearwood, Betty Zuliani

Genealogy Collection

The OCCGS Genealogy Collection is open to the public during normal library hours. A volunteer is available to provide information about the collection Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Contact OCCGS:

Orange County California Genealogical Society
c/o Huntington Beach Central Library
7111 Talbert Avenue
Huntington Beach, California 92648

(714) 536-5549