Douglas Daniels

Douglas Daniels has served as President of the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America-Southern California Chapter from 2007-2010 and is the current President of The National Genealogical Society of Hispanic America. He has authored many presentations across the Western United States. His passion and interest is in genealogy and history, but his formal education is in biology and chemistry. Douglas Daniels earned his Doctorate of Dentistry in 1985, and has a private dental practice in La Habra, Ca.

Douglas S. Daniels
640 E. Whittier Blvd
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September 7, 2013
OCCGS General Meeting

On the Trail with Richard Campbell

The Presenter will make a case, utilizing primary resources that will demonstrate why he believes his 4th Great Grandfather, Richard Campbell, was the first American to reach California, by an overland trail from Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the process he will illustrate the historical impact his ancestor had on American History and how historical research adds life to our pedigree charts.

Using DNA Analysis to Solve a Genealogical Dilemma

Every genealogist is familiar with the agony of running into a dead-end in their research. However, the presenter will show you how he used Y-Chromosome DNA analysis to break through one such dead–end, and discover a wealth of information about his 4th great grandfather, Richard Campbell.

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