Rachael Rifkin

Personal historian Rachael Rifkin has helped people write memoirs about their war experiences, love stories, pregnancies, and full life journeys. The former journalist was inspired to become a personal historian by her grandfather, who left behind a large collection of letters he had written to her grandmother while serving as a medic in the Korean War. This experience deeply affected her as a granddaughter and writer, motivating her to concentrate on personal history. For more information, visit www.lifestoriestoday.com, email lifestories2day@gmail.com, or call (562) 424-2362.


February 1, 2014
OCCGS General Meeting, 11:00 AM

Your Story Matters Too-From Genealogy to Family and Personal History

In the search for familial roots, we often neglect our own stories. Yet we're just as much a part of our family heritage as our ancestors are, so our lives will be just as intriguing to future generations as our ancestors are to us. Writing our life stories ensures that we won't be one of the missing gaps or forgotten memories in our future family tree.


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